Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!

But just when we have ball practice and ball games. We have been in a drought and really need the rain. I just wish it would rain while the kids are in school and not when we are trying to practice for All Stars. We only have a few days before the tournament and these boys haven't played together much.

Tonight the rain stayed until after practice.

And, we were all very happy.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

All Stars!

I got my computer back from the shop with it's new hardrive and with the same problems I put it in the shop for. The new hardrive didn't fix the problems. I think I see a new computer in my future. (Smile)

Anyway, we officially finished Nathan's first ever baseball season last night. They had their last game Thursday and beat the Ray's. They finished 10-6. Not bad in my opinion. Our league has three minor B teams and each coach was able to pick 4 players to take to an All Star tournament. My son was one of the players chosen as an All Star from our team. I am as proud as I can be and he is as excited as he can be. Monday begins practice and he will be trying for the catching position. Last night we had a pizza party for the team and handed out individual trophies. Nathan is pictured above with Coach Steve presenting him with his trophy.

Todd was assistant coach of the team and had a great time and learned a lot of patience. Before the night was over one of the parents, who took pictures of every game presented Todd with a framed 8x10 of him and Nathan.

He was instantly moved to tears. In the picture, Todd is coaching third base and Nathan is running home. It is a memento he will forever treasure.

We are looking forward to the All Star tournament that will be held the first weekend in June and possibly to fall and winter ball.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Back Soon!

My computer is in the shop getting a new hardrive....therefore, I will return when it gets out.