Monday, November 22, 2010

Man Hunt!

Look what happens when you play Man Hunt at night. I tried really hard not to react. I mean really....why should I be upset? A stick that was protruding out of the wood pile missed his eye by mere millimeters. As Todd said, "That is why we pray for his protection at all times!" Nathan said he got his revenge because he pulled the stick out of the woodpile, broke it over his knee and threw it in the fire.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Nathan got off the bus the other day and when he got in the car he turned my attention to a very cute, blonde headed little girl. He said, "Mom, see that little girl over there?" I told him that I did and that she was very cute. He continued to explain to me that everyday when she gets off the bus, she stops at his seat and rubs her hands down his arms and says, "Bye Nathan, I love you." I think I said something to the effect of how sweet that was and he said, "mom, she's only in first grade." I tried to explain to him that she looks up to him and admires him. He didn't buy it. He said, "It's really disturbing."