Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Pitching Continues...On and Off the Field!

Nathan continues to improve with his pitching skills...on the field that is. He has started the last two games and pitched two innings. In the first two innings of each game, he struck two batters out.

Off the field, he needs to improve in his decision making skills. Twice now he has managed to make decisions that were less than wise. While his Daddy was away on a trip, he and I were outside by the barn. He decided to start throwing the keys to the barn in the air. I was busy trying to water some potted trees. The throwing got higher and higher until the keys landed on the roof of the barn. That's where they stayed until his Daddy got home and retrieved them.

Then, the other night we were at a church social after the evening service. None of his friends were there so he went into the youth hall and started entertaining himself by throwing his Croc shoe into the air. Harmless, right? It was, until the Croc landed between a built out wall and the wall of the metal building. Thankfully his Daddy and the pastor were able to locate a ladder, a flashlight, a piece of rope and a homemade hook. In a matter of minutes his daddy had fished it out saving us $30 on another pair of Crocs.
There is about a 6 inch space between the black metal wall and the blue sheet rock wall. Todd said the Croc was all the way on the floor between the two walls. Only my son!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Whooo Hooo! We finally won a game!

Yeah! It finally happened. We won our first game. Nathan started the game pitching. He made two of the 3 outs in the first inning. One was a strike out and the second one, was a fielded ball. He even bobbled it, but he stayed with it and threw it to first base just in time to get the runner out. He was behind the plate the rest of the game. Unfortunately, he wasn't feeling up to speed. He is fighting a head cold. So, he was a little sluggish. His hitting wasn't on tonight either. He struck out the first time up to bat and walked the second time. All in all, the team banded together and won 11-10. Way to go Pinecrest!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pitching Debut!

Nathan had his pitching debut last night. The picture isn't good because all I had to take the picture with was my cell phone. I didn't think they would put him in to pitch because they really like him to catch, which he does really well. And, in my opinion he pitched as good as the other pitchers do. And that was after having caught a lot of wild pitches from our other pitchers for two innings. He only got to pitch for one inning, but hopefully he will become a regular.