Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary To Us!

Look at us! This was our engagement picture. Boy, were we both skinny. We can really say that our wedding day was the most fun ever. We had a blast because our wonderful friends and family took care of everything. It went off without a hitch. Well, except for my poor brother. He was sick as a dog and had no less than a dozen songs to sing. But, he was a trooper and suffered through.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Today, the center of my world, turned eight!

He went from this:

And this:

To this:

Happy Birthday, sweet boy of mine. I love you, so much.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vacation in the Smoky Mountains. Part 1.

We love the Smoky Mountains. My grandfather owned a cabin in Franklin, North Carolina. I have many fond memories of staying with him and all the places he took me. Todd's family vacationed there too, when he was a child. When he and I got married, we went their on our honeymoon. We go as often as we can.
My brother owns a cabin in Blairsville, Georgia. Blairsville is a gorgeous little town and we love being there, too.
Nathan loves going to Meeks Park to swim. It is also a great place to exercise as the park has a wonderful trail that follows along a creek.
Uncle Howie loves to take us to all the sightseeing places. One day we went hiking up to Duke's Creek falls.
Once we got to the top, Nathan was disappointed. I realized that he thought we would be climbing the waterfalls as he did at Dunn's River Falls when we lived in Jamaica. Oops!
Nathan and Uncle Howie posing in front of the waterfall.

Uncle Howie, Nathan and Todd.

He found a walking stick on the way up. He borrowed his dad's knife to whittle.

On the way back down, we had to test our balancing skills. There was a fallen tree across a small ditch.

He did it. But, only after mom showed him how. I can't figure out why no one took a picture of me.

Even though he was disappointed that he couldn't climb the waterfall, he had a good time building a dam with another little boy.
We stayed in Blairsville for a week. We enjoyed lots of great restaurants, golfing and going to the movies. Our second week was spent camping on the banks of Deep Creek. Part 2 coming soon.