Monday, August 20, 2007

Thank you Hurricane Dean

I am finally at a place that I can sign on and make my first post. I am at Mama and Daddy's house. I started my blog in Jamaica but due to the poor wireless internet that we are pirating from our neighbors while they are home on medical leave, I have not been able to sign in to make a post. Anyway, I am thankful that Dean did not destroy our new home and I am glad that because of him we have been able to stay here at home for a few extra days.

Todd spoke with our landlord earlier this evening and he said that we only lost a few shingles and a gutter. He also said that there was no power. I am praying that they have the power restored by the time we arrive. I guess maybe we will be able to afford our electric bill this month.

I apologize for the simplicity of this first blog, but as I said it is my first one. When I get access to my computer I will try to get some pics posted. Jamaica is full of lovely sights that I can post.


Nathan's Uncle said...

Uncle Howie says Amen to Hurricane Dean, too!

Congratulations on starting your blog, sister. Do you need to enlarge your font? It seems small on my computer compared with the fonts on my blogs.

Speaking of my blogs, why don't you post my blidgets in your sidebar? Yes, let's make this all about me. If you will make a blidget of your blog, I'll put it in my sidebar.

Love u!

April said...

Hooray for you!! Seems to much to learn, my brain is too full. Though I am thankful we got to see more, with all our eating there is more of us!! love you muchly

Nathansma said...

I have no idea what a blidget is. Let me know and I will add it.

Nathan's Uncle said...

Go down my sidebar on nathansuncle and you will see three mini-blogs. Blog + widget = blidget. Click on get widget, then when the screen pops up click add to blogger, then click on install panel, and follow the directions. Do it for all three of my blogs. Then make one for your blog, and I'll add it to mine.

Could you translate April's comment for the rest of us?

Nathan's Uncle said...

Carla, my blidgets look awesome in your sidebar! You did a great job. Isn't it cool to learn new stuff to put on your blog?

Sherron said...

I wish I could have been at home with you before you had to go back to Jamaica! I know everyone was happy to have you there! I am praying that you will have power when you get home! Love you and miss you much!