Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day Of Second Grade.

It is really hard for me to believe that my baby is in second grade already. He has grown up so fast. Although in most ways I am glad that he is now able to do things on his own, parts of me really miss the baby.

I warned him when he was getting ready that he was going to have to let me take some pictures of his first day of second grade. Since he really hates to take pictures, I have found that there is less of a battle if I prepare him ahead of time. He wanted my first picture to be of his new backpack. He is really proud of Po the Kung Fu Panda on it.

This was his pitiful attempt at a smile while battling some Pokemon.

He was apprehensive on the ride to school. He told us that he was a little scared. I told him that it was normal to be scared but that he had an advantage because he already knew all of his classmates and that he already knew his teacher Miss Gooden. He had her last year at Summer's Cool.
On the way to school these cows were along the roadside. Todd told Nathan that they were waiting for the bus. Nathan informed him that cows don't go to school.

Steppin' up with new school shoes.

Miss Gooden has there names on the door.

Nathan quickly found his silly buddy Jaleel.

The school got a fresh coat of paint this summer. All of their "offices" were clean and fresh looking. I told Nathan to try and keep them looking that way.
When he came home from school yesterday and today he informed me that second grade was easy for him. I hope he says that every year.

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Nathan's Uncle said...

My boy is so big. I miss the baby and all the ages, too, but I'm so proud of the way he is turning out. So cute, so smart, so polite, and so into those obnoxious video games!