Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baseball Practice

Practices have started. Unfortunately, the first one was rained out. We were, however, able to have a team meeting and glean a lot of important information. You know things like...rules.
The second practice was Saturday morning and it was cold. Not as cold as tonight's practice is going to be but, for this Florida cracker, it was cold. These pictures are from Uncle Howie, since I was not able to go. I was studying for my state's subject area exam in General Science that I had to take on Monday. The test is to re-certify my teaching certificate that expires in June. In studying for the test, I realized that I have been out of college for twenty one years and haven't taught for eight. Anyway, with the help of a study guide and the Internet, I prayed, prepared, prayed, panicked, prayed and PASSED the test. Oh, and did I mention that I prayed and so did the rest of the people in my life. We'll be praying again soon, because now I am preparing and panicking about the next one I have to take in Biology. Anyway,...back to baseball.
They will be using a pitching machine but coach started them out by hitting the ball off of a tee. Monday nights will be batting practice with the machine in the batting cages.
I was so glad to see this picture, because even though my boy is big and as the coach says, "...has an arm on him," his aim needs to be fine tuned...if you know what I mean.

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Nathan's Uncle said...

That's my boy! I thought those pictures looked familiar.