Friday, March 6, 2009

The Florida Strawberry Festival

The first of March is all about the Florida Strawberry Festival. The school board even gives the kids a day off school for the festival. It is always a Monday and every year we go to the parade and see how much candy and beads we can get. This year however, we didn't attend due to the passing of my daddy's sister, my Aunt Bertha. We had family in from out of town for the funeral and we had one of Aunt Mary and Uncle Eugene's famous fish frys. Even though we didn't go to the parade we have been to the festival twice now, and we may squeeze in one more trip.
Jordan, Thaddeus, Nathan, and Bailey.

For Nathan, the festival is all about the rides. For Todd and me, it is all about the food. Oh, we love the gyros, and corn dogs, (remember when we use to call them pronto pups?), smoked turkey legs, onion rings, fried mushrooms, roasted corn, cinnamon rolls to die for, and of course strawberry shortcake. We do split everything, that way we get to enjoy a bigger variety.
Getting a drink while waiting to ride.

We always arrange to go with our cousins and their kids so we don't have to ride the rides with Nathan. The first time we went, Nathan only got to ride a few rides. But the second time we went he got an armband which allowed him to ride anything on the midway as many times as he could. And, he and his cousins got their money's worth. Rather, they got our money's worth. There wasn't a ride on that midway that my son didn't ride. I don't care how high it went, how many times it turned upside down, jerked or twirled him, his reaction was the same every time he got off, "That was awesome!" He even rode Big Ben, the one that takes you four miles up in the air and free falls back down.

Taylor, Nathan and Bailey on Rock n' Roll.

Same ride with Mason.

Spinning strawberries.

Baby Cruz with Daddy John, and big sisters Hailey, Jillian and Layna.

Some of the kids entered various items for competition. Emily and Taylor entered plants. Emily won Grand Champion, earning her quite a bit of cash, and Taylor won as well but I can't recall what it was. DeeDah, when you read this, leave a comment and let us know because I don't have time to call you and find out. :) Then Hailey entered her bunny and won a 1st place blue ribbon in it's category which I don't know what it is either. April when you read this, you too can leave a comment and let us know. Todd and I entered and won first place for eating the most fair food. We may go once more tomorrow night, after all, the festival only comes once a year.


April said...

Like I know anything about that? I dont even like animals. All I know is she got, $, trophy & ribbons. "all except the mean girl" says Hailey. LOL

DeeDah said...

Taylor won an Award of Distinction for her gardenias. We had a great time and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Funny you didn't mention the 3 of you getting sick after giving blood to get in free. :)

Nathansma said...

DeeDah, I didn't mention it because I was in a hurry. But, yes Todd and I had the bright idea that we would give blood to get free admission tickets. When they inserted his needle and the blood started flowing, he turned white as a sheet and he thought he was going to pass out. They reclined him more, got him a cold compress on his forehead and a throw up bucket in his lap. I was fine until I got inside, then I got weak and had to sit down, inspite of the drink and crackers they made me eat. Tina's story was the same as mine. Todd and I decided that next year we will just pay the $20 to get in.

Beverlydru said...

Hi there, I popped in from seeing the Strawberry Festival post in Blogher. Can you believe I grew up in Sarasota and have NEVER been to the Strawberry Festival? I'm in the Panhandle now. Nice to meet you!

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