Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day...of Third Grade.

Today, was Nathan's first day of third grade. It is so hard to believe for me. He really is growing up so fast. Before I know it he will be getting his driver's license and driving himself to school.
But, today he rode the bus. As a matter of fact, he insisted on riding the bus. I wanted to take him so I could get some pictures and Todd could get some video. He suggested that I just follow the bus to school and meet him there. What a grand idea. Seems like I've done that before. I did that in kindergarten, when I really didn't want him to ride the bus.
Jacob and Nathan on their way to breakfast. Jacob is in fifth grade and is a bus patrol this year.

The school advertises healthy breakfasts and lunches. They had pizza for breakfast. Am I missing something?
He knew exactly where to go. His classroom is located in the new wing of the newly remodeled school.
Until, he got here. Then it was, "Which room is it Mom?" He almost passed it, but we got him back on track.
He only has seventeen students in his class. I was very happy about that. No overcrowding there.
He didn't cry when we left. Matter of fact, he hardly even told us goodbye. Once he found his desk, he settled in, started unpacking his supplies and was ready for Showtime.


Anonymous said...

I think the reason you have not been getting comments is because we gave up on getting another posting. I decided to check again this morning. There were two or three new postings.

Yes he is growing up so fast. We want him to progress and still be a baby. I think that is not going to happen. We will just take him as he is.


Chef Penny said...

Hey, pizza is the best breakfast! At least it wasn't sugar laden cereal.