Monday, September 21, 2009

I May Not Have To Cook Breakfast Anymore!

On Wednesday nights, Nathan attends Royal Rangers at our church. It is a boys program sort of like Boy's Scouts. They are trained in various aspects of safety and survival outdoors and they earn badges to advance in the program. Last Wednesday night, they were working on their cooking badge and learned to cook eggs. I am loving this badge! The next day he came home from school and wanted to cook some eggs. So, I let him, and he did a great job! I told him that I no longer have to cook his breakfast. He now can get up and cook his own. He really didn't know if that was a good thing or not.
He started by putting a little butter in the hot pan.
Then, he cracked the egg. He said this was his favorite part.
He used the spatula to bust the yolk.
While his egg cooked, he put a slice of cheese on his bread. Then he flipped the egg in the pan.
It wasn't quite done because I wouldn't let him turn the heat up real high.
I then had a brainstorm. I showed him how to cook bacon, so he could have bacon on his sandwich, of course. Okay, really so he could cook us all a full breakfast. And, no surprise here he did a great job!
He cooked it nice and slow and flipped it often.
I even got him to look at the camera while frying his bacon.
He drained the grease off on a paper towel.
Then put it on his sandwich.
And, the final product..."just bend it over like a taco, Mom."


Todd said...

That's my boy!

Chef Penny said...

Great job! That's one less chore that you will have to do!

Valerie Reilly said...

that is so sweet!
Beef bourguignonne next?

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait to try one of those egg tacos. Everything else he does is so wonderful that I am not surprised that he can cook a mean taco as well. That could become my new favorite sandwich. Grandaddy