Monday, November 23, 2009

Straight A's!

From the looks of the above picture, I think 8:15 is way too early to have an awards ceremony. They had to have it early because the third grade was leaving at 9 to go on a field trip. Even though it was early, it was well worth attending.

Of all the third grade classes, only 10 students made straight A's. Nathan was one of those ten. He is so glad that he is finally getting real letter grades. Since kindergarten, he has received S's for "satisfactory" and E's for "excellent."
All the students were very attentive and they were very quite. The principal did a great job complimenting them on such good behavior.
Nathan was also a super pilot and received a window decal. This award is given for good behavior and good citizenship.
Mrs. Flagg is Nathan's teacher. The first day of school he got off the bus, walked over to the van and the first words out of his mouth were, "Mom, I love my teacher." She is wonderful and Todd and I love her, too. She is a great teacher and we are so thankful for the investment she is making in Nathan's life and education.

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nancy said...

Right on. Congratulations!!!