Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Miss Baseball!

Baseball is over and I miss it. Our boys did really good in their little tournament. Nathan ended up playing first base instead of his usual catcher spot. He played it like he had played it all year long. We lost the first two qualifying rounds which seeded us. We won the next one and returned to play a fourth game on Sunday morning. The team we played against was a powerhouse. The game started off with them running away with the score. But, our little Pinecrest boys fought back hard! They came within 2 runs and we ran out of time and the umps called the game. The final score was 14-16. I think the parents were more upset than the boys. They just wanted to go run around and play football or hide-n-seek.
We watch the Rays most every night that they are on TV but it's just not the same as watching my boy round the bases after smacking that little white ball, or throw a runner out at second from home plate, or strike a batter out with his "fast ball."

So, again I say it, "I miss baseball!"

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