Monday, August 8, 2011


My amazing son wanted to try football this year. So, his daddy went and signed him up. We tried to prepare him for what he was about to embark on, but as it sometimes goes, he couldn't be convinced otherwise. He started on July 11th, and they spent 2 weeks conditioning. They ran and did various drills for two hours each night. He handled it well; like the true champ that he is. Until, they were issued pads and he had to learn to hit and tackle. Because, he is at the top of his weight class, he was paired up with the larger boys that have played for several years. He struggled and didn't like it. But, we encouraged him along and things are beginning to look up.

His first game he only played eight plays at right guard on second string offense. But, when the coaches watched the film and saw that he was eight for eight on his blocks he was moved up to first string offense AND defense. This past Saturday, he played almost every play and did a great job. We are so proud of him. They lost by one point but as the video shows Nathan, #16, had a fumble recovery to give us one last drive of the game, but we ran out of time.

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