Monday, December 10, 2007

My Son... full of surprises. Most of the time he is such a well behaved, polite, little boy. Then some days he turns into an alien child. At the most inappropriate times he decides to pitch a fit. I won't go into all the details but he had one of those moments on the CCCD field trip. Yes, in front of everyone, his principal, teacher, fellow classmates and their parents. Thank the Lord the deaf children couldn't hear his weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, which got louder and more intense when I told him he was getting a spanking when we got home. (DeeDee, Granddaddy and Uncle Howie don't label me as the cruel, wicked mother that mistreats your only grandchild and nephew. Because I don't.) Then because the threat of a spanking wasn't enough, he also lost his Nintendo for 2 days.

So, when we got home and he got through with more weeping and wailing and calling for his DeeDee, we had a nice long talk and I explained to him that he had to work on obeying and changing his attitude, you know the usual talk we give our children after the punishment. Then he goes and writes the following...(His Daddy helped him with the last part, but when he finished he was so proud that he had written 13 lines and in cursive to say the least.) Thought you might want to see it.

He sure was good on Saturday and most of Sunday. I extend him a lot of grace on Sundays because they are hard on him. Okay, Sundays are hard on all of us, but especially him. Church is very long and we don't have any children's program established yet.

P.S. Only 6 more days until we go home for Christmas. Nathan is so excited...and so am I!


Nathan's Uncle said...

My nephew is gifted.

I cannot believe a first-grader can write cursive like that. I didn't even start writing cursive until I was in third grade. Most of my sixth-graders do not write in cursive. I'm not even sure they can. All they have been taught is FCAT!

Of course writing giftedness runs in the family . . . .

No, I don't think my sister is a bad mother for giving Nathan a spanking when he needs it. I have witnessed some of the few times he needs it. Not pretty. Does EPCOT ring a bell? Carla, you are an amazing mother. That's why God gave you such an amazing child!

I need to see my nephew something bad.

Nathansma said...

Thank you for the kind words. He is sick today with a fever, cough, and congestion. Hope we don't have to find a doc here. Pray it goes away. You will see him on Monday.