Thursday, December 13, 2007

Way To Go Nathan!

Last night was a very special night for Montego Bay Christian Academy. It was their annual Christmas program and at the program they presented a certificate to those who made the honor roll. There is an "A" and a "B" honor roll. Nathan made the "A" honor roll. To make the "A" honor roll a student must achieve a 94% or higher overall average, memorize each months scripture verse, complete the Readers 'R Leaders book report, have only one absence and no detentions. Only four or five made the "A" honor roll out of the seventeen in his class.We are very proud of Nathan! He has worked very hard.
Mr. Winkler, the principal, presents Nathan with his certificate.

The Christmas program was called Redemption, God's Greatest Gift. It wasn't exactly like a drama as we would know a Christmas program to be. They had the program divided into scenes. The first scene started with the Creation and the last scene ended with the resurrection. I don't know why they didn't go ahead and include the ascension while they were at it. Each scene featured either a recorded song with students dancing or doing sign language. Nathan was in the fourth scene. He did sign language with the older boys to You Are The Living Word sung by Fred Hammond and Radical For Christ.

At one point during the performance someone reached over and pushed the button on the smoke machine which was right in front of Nathan and he almost got tickled because he had not seen it before and wasn't expecting it.

The lighting was terrible and every time I went to take a picture some one's head was in the way but at least you can get the idea. Does anyone besides me recognize that Uncle Howie stance?


DeeDah said...

Bubby, I am so proud of you! I want you to perform your song at church so Emmy and all of us can see it, okay? We can't wait to see you!

Nathan's Uncle said...

I told you my nephew was gifted!

Bubby, Uncle Howie is soooo proud of you for making the A Honour Roll! We'll have to get another prize when you get home. You look just like a young man with that tie on standing up there with the big boys.

Anonymous said...

We are very proud of Nathan. Dee Dee and Grandaddy think he is the greatest.