Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Lone Pair Of Crocs.

Nathan is thrilled to be back in his own house. We moved back in last week with only a few household items. So, we have been camping inside. He couldn't wait to get in and see things. I had to let him in to "see the inside" before the carpet was even dry after Stanley Steemer's visit. The first few nights that we stayed here he had to sleep with me because he didn't have a bed yet. I have since gotten him bunk beds and he loves sleeping on the top bunk. After getting him off to school our first morning here, I went into his room and looked around. He had neatly aligned his Crocs against the back wall of his closet. Most kids especially boys would have tossed them in the room and been gone. But, one thing his Jamaica school taught him was to "tidy" up his office. He is very good at it, too. He is constantly telling me that he is going to "tidy" up his room, or his desk, or his closet. I hope he continues to keep his "areas" tidy.Because, goodness knows I don't like to tidy. I would rather throw away than have to tidy. He also has new secret spots. I'll post them later.

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