Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back To School!

After two weeks off for Christmas break, yesterday, was back to school. I can honestly say, Nathan was excited. When I put him to bed Sunday night, he tossed and turned and talked and talked and talked and finally after what seemed to be an hour he drifted off to sleep. He usually goes to sleep really fast unless he is excited about something. Florida is having a cold spell right now and we are about to freeze to death. Usually Florida cold spells last a day or two. This one is suppose to last all week and into next week. I am really thankful for my heated seats when I take Nathan to the bus stop. Todd has a guava tree he is trying to keep from freezing. So, every night he puts the sprinkler on it so the ice will insulate it. One of those cool miracles. Nathan and I still think the tree is a dud because it hasn't produced any fruit. But, Todd is a determined man. After all, he has raised it from a seed.

We had a good two weeks off. Todd had to cut down a tree and of course Nathan helped him. Nathan also worked on his science project and got it ready to turn in. So, we are back to our school schedule and life is good. Really, really good!


Tina Blount said...

A regular school schedule is a beautiful thing, isn't it???

Anonymous said...

It is good to catch up with news. I am glad Nathan likes school. I sure hope that guava tree survives. I am looking forward to some guava cobbler. Grandaddy