Monday, January 11, 2010

Icicles....In Florida?

That's right! Florida had been frigid for the the last week or so. Todd has watered the trees religiously. He has a special guava tree that he has raised from a seed. Every night he goes out to turn the sprinkler on which makes beautiful icicles. Nathan made sure we saved some, so there are several on a pan in my freezer. There have been snow reports as close as twenty miles away, but none developed where we live.

The guava tree is actually about seven feet tall, but is bent over from the weight of the ice. This morning we had no water. I brushed my teeth with a bottle of water. Then before we left for work, I heard a strange noise. When I looked out the back door, water was spraying all over the backyard. Todd had it fixed before I got home from work. Hopefully tomorrow morning that won't happen, because I am going to want to take a shower....a hot one at that.

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