Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sometimes You Just Need A Day Off...

....at the beach. And, that's what we did. Todd's brother, Tripp, got a room for a couple of nights and invited us down for the day. So, after church, we threw our suits and some towels in a bag and headed to Pass A Grille beach in St. Pete. The beach is not my favorite place, but my son loves it and once I get there, I do enjoy the serenity of it all. We arrived around three in the afternoon which was just after the heat of the day and so we got just enough sun and managed to leave without getting blistered.

Nathan loved diving for shells. Every so ofter, he would come up to the beach where I was and show me a treasure he had found. Most of his treasures were broken shells...except for this one...
...a perfect sand dollar. I even managed to get it home without breaking it. Which scored me a lot of points with my son. When we lived in Jamaica, we visited Negril and the boys went snorkeling. Nathan found a really cool sand dollar and I put it in the sink in the motel room. When we got back home, his sand dollar was still in Negril. He has never let me forget it.
We ate dinner at the famous Hurricane. I wasn't very impressed with my salad and Todd wasn't very impressed with his grouper sandwich, but Nathan's cheeseburger was good. I was definitely impressed with the butter pecan ice cream I got in the waffle cone at the ice cream shop, too.
Thanks, Uncle Tripp, for sharing you room with us and inviting us down.

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