Wednesday, July 21, 2010


About two weeks before Nathan's birthday, I informed him that we weren't going to have a big party for him this year. After all the explanations as to why we weren't, I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday. He told me he wanted to go to Boing. I had never heard of Boing before. He told me it was a place covered in trampolines and you jump around and play games. So, we took him to Boing with his cousin Walker, who was visiting from Mississippi.
Todd, checked them in and paid the $12 and hour fee. They were issued special jumping shoes and also a soft padded helmet.
They were very eager to get to the fun part, but after they were suited up they humored me and posed for a before shot.
In one of the arenas they held intense games of dodge ball. The team that won got to stay in until they lost by a challenging team. Walker and Nathan patiently waited to get another chance to defeat the champions. The jumping is so intense and tiring, I think they secretly enjoyed the rest of waiting in line.
There are three rooms of trampolines. This is one of the free jump rooms. Many were doing flips, bouncing over the padded dividers and flipping off the walls. Nathan was a little apprehensive of the walls.
But, as I expected, before his hour was over, he got a little braver and started jumping on the walls and having a great time.

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