Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Ball!

Yay! Fall baseball is in full swing. And, I couldn't be happier. As I have said many times before there is nothing that I enjoy doing more than watching my boy play baseball. Our small league only has two teams for the fall because most of the regulars are playing football. Todd is coaching Nathan's team and he is a great coach. We have about four boys on our team that have never played. Nathan recruited a few of his school friends to come out and join the fun, which are the ones that haven't played before. Nathan's granddaddy was talking to him the other day and he asked him if "So n So" knew how to play. And, Nathan responded,"Well, let's just say my daddy needs to work with him." So, in other words....NO! :) We have had two games and lost both of them. But, to my great delight, they have shown great improvement in just two weeks of games and practices. Next game is Monday night and I can't wait!

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