Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas Part II

We spent Christmas morning at Mama and Daddy's house. I made a breakfast casserole and we ate it while we opened presents. We had a wonderful time. Nathan, like most kids, is all about the presents. DeeDee had taken him to the dollar store and he picked out gifts for all of us. He got me a cute little strawberry scented candle and it was precious. But, the best present he gave me was after he opened each gift he thanked and gave sugar to whomever the gift was from, without being told.

Nathan watching me opening the candle he gave me.

Nathan showing Granddaddy the gift he picked out for him.

He picked out a "huggable" teddy bear for Uncle Howie.

Nathan seeing how to draw Mario and Pokemon.

Nathan showing off yet two more Nintendo DS games.

Every Power Ranger should have a Power Ranger shirt.

Showing two of my three Nicholas Sparks books.

We had a great Christmas with my family. DeeDee got a digital camera. Granddaddy got speakers for his MP3 player, Jamaican hot sauce and old radio shows on CD. Uncle Howie got Hairspray and Dream Girls DVD's and soundtracks. Todd got what all preachers get, shirts, ties and handkerchiefs. I don't have any pictures that show them or I would post them. Christmas Part III will be Christmas with the Hoods.


Anonymous said...

Carla, that was my favorite part of Christmas, when Nathan gave hugs and kisses to those who gave him gifts. I wish I had bought more gifts for him. Grandaddy

Nathan's Uncle said...

I have to agree that Nathan's hugs and kisses were the best part of Christmas for me, too. I'll eventually get it on my blog.

I love reading Grandaddy's comments. It's amazing that a blind man can do what many sighted people can't do on their computers.