Monday, January 14, 2008

Christmas Part III

After Christmas morning at Mama and Daddy's we went over to the Hood's. After opening all our gifts we had a wonderful traditional Christmas dinner with a fried turkey, dressing, and broccoli and cauliflower casserole and sweet potato casserole. Grammy also had pumpkin pie and my favorite chocolate covered peanut butter balls.

Uncle Tripp got Nathan a new bike.

Jacob & Heather got Lisa a gymnast and a football player figurines.

Jacob and Heather model their Jamaica hats with Nathan.

Pappy "scores" with the "hot" pants he got Grammy.

Tripp got Todd a nice web cam.

My favorite gift Todd got was the web cam. I hook up with my friend Lynn all the time. For all of you who don't have one...well, go get one and we can talk and see each other! Skype is a wonderful thing. Go to for more information and the best thing is it is absolutely free.

We had a lot of fun with both of our families. Nathan had a blast playing nonstop with Jacob. He actually spent the night with Jacob and made it through the whole night. In the past he has made great plans to spend the night, but when it got down to it and he realized Mama wasn't going to be around, he quickly decided spending the night without Mama wouldn't be that much fun. It was hard to come back to reality and refocus on schoolwork. But, I think he has settled back into "real" life.


Nathan's Uncle said...

Somebody needs to buy Uncle Howie an iSight web cam.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Nathan is going to grow up even though we wanted to put it off as long as possible. He is becoming more and more independent and can even spend the night away from Mama and Daddy and even away from Dee Dee and Grandaddy. We enjoyed having him stay with us and let us help him. His world is expanding and he is showing that he can get along without our help. If I sound like a jealous Grandaddy, well, that's what I am. Not jealous of other people, just jealous of Nathan's independence. We will have to let him grow up, but we don't like to think that he will need us less and less. How we love that boy.