Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snorkeling In Negril, Jamaica

Mike with his glass bottom boat.

As a group, we chartered a local to take us out to the reefs that were just off shore. Mike was a really nice guy and he was very knowledgeable about his business. If someones mask fogged up, he would wash it with baby shampoo and rinse it. Or, if a mask leaked or fins didn't work properly, he had a replacement that could be borrowed.

I have never been crazy about snorkeling. I just don't like having to keep that big mouth piece thing in my mouth and try to keep the water out and blow hard when you come back up and blah, blah, blah. It's just too much work. So, when Nathan preferred his goggles to the mask and snorkel I could certainly understand.

Todd with mask and snorkel and Nathan with...his goggles.

He did pretty good considering he had to keep coming up for a breath. But, it wasn't long before he was exhausted. Todd too, was worn out from having to keep close to Nathan and carrying him "piggy back" when he got tired or needed to adjust his fins or goggles.

It didn't take Nathan long to get tired.

Todd under the glass bottom boat.

Finger starfish.

Day two proved to be better than day one. Todd and I were able to convince Nathan to use his mask and snorkel. He consented and loved it. On day one, Stuart Brown, found a tiger conch shell and Nathan fell in love with it. So, on day two, he was on a mission to find his own. Well, on day two they arrived back at the boat with our very own tiger conch shell. According to Nathan, he spotted it but he didn't know how to dive down and get it, so he told his daddy to go get it. I don't think the real story goes quite like that but anyway we are now the proud owners of a tiger conch shell and Nathan couldn't be happier.

Nathan on day 2 with mask and snorkel.

Nathan with the prized Tiger Conch shell.

And a first for Nathan's Ma:

Here is my first attempt at videoing with my digital camera. The girl next to Nathan is Olivia Brown. I think he was kind of sweet on her because he told me one night that he had gotten two hugs from her that day. At the retreat back in August, he was sweet on Olivia's younger sister Sophia. I guess he decided he would rather his girlfriends be more mature.


Nathan's Uncle said...

Now that is a beautiful post, Sister! I love seeing the pictures of my sweet boy. Congratulations on your first video. How many hours did that take to upload?

Nathansma said...

Actually it didn't take much longer than a picture does. I guess the Jamaican internet gods were smiling on me.

April said...

OH the "mission field" such a torture LOL

Nathansma said...

Believe me, it can be torture! All the fun things we "get" to do are NO substitute for being away from our family and friends! Thank God He called us to Jamaica and not Nepal!

Anonymous said...

Commucating by internet sure beats communicating by single side band ham radio. I can read your messages and the comments without saying "over" a single time. I don't see the pictures and videos, but I enjoy the text messages and the captions.

I wonder if the prized tiger conch was big enough to eat. I enjoyed eating conch when I visited the Bahama Islands in 1956. We had conch fritters and conch salad. Grandaddy

DeeDah said...

Oh, the ham radio...such fond memories. "Hey" OVER "Hey" OVER "What cha doin'" OVER "Nothing" OVER "Oh" OVER "Kay, bye" OVER "Bye" OVER. Only to be repeated the next month!

Great pictures and video. I'm impressed! You can drag it out as long as you want to. I have nothing but time...and more time. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the blog. Looks like more fun than going to hear the Couriers sing but we enjoyed that as well.
Mary Ann