Monday, February 4, 2008

Kool Runnings Water Park

Kool Runnings - Negril, Jamaica

On Saturday, after snorkeling for an hour the boys headed to the water park. They went with Steve Puffpaff, Jr. and Wesley Brown. I stayed at the hotel and enjoyed Nicholas Sparks' A Bend In The Road. I also drove through Negril and got stopped by the police to check my documents, checked out Rick's Cafe and the lighthouse that is situated on Negril's western most point.

Red slide - top.

Red slide - middle.

Red slide - bottom.

Todd said that Nathan had a blast. He went down every slide available and showed absolutely no fear.

Yellow slide on a tube.

Another yellow slide with no tube.

There was one thing at the water park that Nathan couldn't do and that was drive the go carts. He was almost tall enough, but you had to be ten years old, too. If they could only see him drive Pappy's golf cart all over Hood Manor Estates, they may have made an exception.

Look at that pitiful face. :(

Wesley Brown on the bungee trampoline.

Nathan wanted to do the bungee trampoline until they shot Wesley up in the air. Then he quickly changed his mind.


Nathan's Uncle said...

I'm proud of Bubby for not being afraid on the slides, but I don't want him to get too daring!

DeeDah said...

Okay, you know Kelsey's gonna be extremely jealous she did not get to go to the Kool Runnings water park. Remember how long and hard we searched for her Cool Runnings t-shirt on the last cruise? She still thinks you're going to take a picture of the bob-sled at the airport for her. She has high hopes!