Monday, February 11, 2008

Football (Soccer) Practice

Soccer is huge here in Jamaica. Nathan is on his school's junior boys team. According to him, he is the best one on the team. And, according to Mom, he's pretty good considering he has had no formal training. Well, okay, at least he can run fast.

Don't ask me why he is on the slide and not in line.

Warm ups.

Nathan is very competitive. He loves to race and more than loving to race, he loves to win when he races. But, who can blame him? In the video below, you can see him quickly glance to the kid on his left to make sure he is ahead of him, which he was.

In the drill below, he actually dribbles the ball through the cones and gets to take a shot at the goal. Unfortunately, the goal keeper stopped the awesome shot.

Hopefully soon, we will have an actual game to report on with real uniforms and everything!


April said...

Remember the song from Sesame street?? "one of these things are not like the other, one of these things are not the same....." HA!

Sherry said...

April...exactly :) That ia so funny!

Nathansma said...

I was wondering if you could tell which one was my son. I guess you can! :)

Nathan's Uncle said...

Okay, that's a funny, April! I loved this post, Carla. The videos really bring it to life. Love my Bubby!