Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rick's Cafe

When we went to Negril a few weeks ago, one of the MKs was celebrating her sixteenth birthday. Her parents wanted to take her the the world famous Rick's Cafe. My two "cliff jumpers" wouldn't be outdone by the Jamaicans. Okay, maybe there were by a few feet, but they still jumped.

View from Rick's along with two jumpers in the upper left quadrant.

This man climbed the dead tree to jump.

From the very top of the tree.

He not only jumped, he did a backwards swan dive.

Then there was Todd.

Todd too, did a swan dive.

By the time Todd got his nerve up it had started to get dark. That is why the pictures aren't real bright. The man in the tree dove from about seventy five feet and Todd dove from about twenty five feet. Todd said his twenty five feet felt like it was seventy five though.

Nathan at the end of the day, after snorkeling, going to the water park and Rick's.

Nathan did not get to jump at night so we promised him that we would return the next day with the other missionaries so he could jump.

Preparing to dive from about fifteen feet.

Perfect form after all these years.

Todd dove for his Plant City High School swim team a few years ago. He said that cliff diving was fun but that his body needs to be in a little better shape before he returns to Rick's.

Nathan wasn't to be outdone by his daddy or the other MKs that were jumping. And once he made up his mind, off he went. I wasn't ready with the camera and all I got was his splash. He ended up doing a belly and face splat, so he only went once. By the look of his red belly the sting was pretty intense. He had that "I want to cry" look on his face but he didn't want to be a baby in front of everybody. You know Mama was still proud of him, though.

Todd moving in for the "grab" after Nathan jumped.

We had a wonderful time in Negril. Anybody that wishes to come see us, we will gladly take you on a guided tour. Bring your suit so you too can be a cliff jumper.


DeeDah said...

I will just say "no" to that, thank you! I'm proud of Nathan - my girls would have been chickens. BTW, the girls won their first volleyball match today at the YMCA! Yeah!!

Nathan's Uncle said...

I not sank so! Not even maybe . . . .

I miss my redheaded nephew!

Uncle Howie

April said...

Hailey said " I bet Todd was praying before he jumped"!LOL!

Nathansma said...

I guarantee you he was!

Sherry said...

The picture of Todd diving reminds me of the old Tarzan movies. Looks like fun!