Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'll Always Come Back

I had what I call a "mommy moment" this morning. The older Nathan gets the fewer "mommy moments" I seem to have. A "mommy moment" to me are those unsolicited moments when my son looks at me in that special way that screams, "I love you and you are the greatest thing in my life and I don't know what I would ever do without you." Of course he doesn't ever actually SAY that, but it is certainly what I hear.

Nathan and I, probably like most of you who have children, have a special song. Ours is a K. T. Oslin song called, I'll Always Come Back. Though he would probably never admit it publicly, it mesmerizes him. (See photos below for proof.) I started singing it to him when he was 3 and April decided I needed somewhat of a break a couple of days a week(I guess I seemed stressed to her). Anyway, she helped me get him into pre-school at Kids R Kids in Valrico. Oh, how he would howl when I would leave him. So, before I dropped him off, I would sing I'll Always Come Back. Then, when he started VPK at Creative World in Fishhawk, and he was scared of the unknown, again it was, I'll Always Come Back, that I sang to him. When he started kindergarten at Pinecrest Elementary and he was more grown up but still a little frightened, he asked me to sing our song to him. When he started first grade here in Jamaica again, I sang him our song.

Todd takes Nathan to school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and I pick him up in the afternoons. But, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I take him and Todd picks him up in the afternoons because he has football practice which Todd helps out with. This week however, I am doing all the taking and picking up because Todd is working with the construction team that we are hosting and he leaves the house at 6 AM. Normally, Todd carries Nathan his practice clothes for him to change into after school. This morning however, I happen to ask Nathan if he wanted to take his football clothes with him so he could go ahead and change and not have to wait on me to fight the traffic in the driveway. He said that he did because, "Dad always brings them late." So, I told him that I would wait until 3:30 to come up to the football field when all the traffic would be clear instead of the usual 3:00 time. He didn't like that idea and said, "But, mom what if I get scared because you're not there?" My first reaction was, "Oh, puh...lease!!!" Because, Nathan doesn't ever show signs of being scared or needing me at school. But instead of saying that, I simply started singing, "I'll always come back, Baby to you, I'll always run back straight to you..." and then it happened. He turned away from Pokemon on his DS and looked up at me with the sweetest snaggle toothed grin and those big, beautiful blue eyes and wordlessly said, "Okay mom, that's all I need to know!" Oh, how my heart soared. I love when he does that.

I had another "mommy moment' the other night when I went and checked on him before I went to bed. He was sound asleep but I guess the kisses that I covered his face in roused him and as he turned over he wrapped his arm around my neck and with his raspy voice said, "Mom, I love you." I almost slept with him that night, but I didn't want to be kicked out of bed so I went to my own bed with a smile on my face.

After dinner one evening last October, when Mama and Daddy were here, Nathan crawled up in my lap and let me hold him. I began to sing our song and for some reason it put him into a lethargic state. I sang the chorus and he asked me to sing the verse about the boomerang and of course I did. It was a favorite moment of mine.

"Well, there's a wooden wonder from way down under..."

"...they call it boomerang. If you handle it right, it'll come back."

Look at his face in the pictures. He is in some kind of hypnotic state. I wish I could have bottled it up. He will soon be sixteen and all my "mommy moments" will be memories.

This post would be incomplete without letting you see the one and only K.T. Oslin singing Bubby's and my song.

K.T. Oslin - I'll Always Come Back

K.t. Oslin - I'll Always Come Back lyrics LyricsMode.com


Nathan's Uncle said...

Totally love that post! LOVE the song! Love K.T. Oslin! Love my sister and my nephew! Love Jesus!

Bubby looks completely "metamerized" in those pictures!

April said...

Precious! carpe diem!!The older I get the more I know that life is NOT "the event" its the journey to it.

Sherron Cole said...

WOW! Memories came flooding in while listening to K.T. What a sweet bond the two of you have! I love reading your posts! I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Granny (Andrea) said...

Wow! Tear jerker honey! This morn while purging my bookshelves I found mama's Bible. Opened it and an article Children and flowers both require time, attention, hard work and patience. The article was a "granny moment" for me. Love your blog! Beats the "ham operator/radio" of past memories. Love you all so much. OVER AND OUT!