Tuesday, November 25, 2008

He Wants His Own Website!

I just got a call from my seven year old son. He said, "Mom can I make my own website?" He told me he went on MySpace.com and he wants his own website. As if to seal the deal, he told me that his cousin has one. I quickly handed the phone to his father who proceeded to explain to him the reasons why he can't have a MySpace account.

The main reason is because he is seven and the second reason is because his Uncle Tripp has a MySpace that he can't get rid of and he says his MySpace has "Hoochie Mamas" pop up all the time.

Well, no son of mine is going to have a MySpace that has "Hoochie Mamas" pop up on it. And... because he is seven.


DeeDah said...

Ha! I keep forgetting about mine. Kelsey can't have one either and she's 13 - sometimes you just have to say no. My nerves can't take it. Your son loved Em's tennis practice last night - don't be surprised if he asks for lessons. He was eating it up!

Nathan's Uncle said...

But now, thanks to Uncle Howie (with Mommie's approval) Bubby has a Facebook.