Monday, November 10, 2008

Young Love....Way Too Soon!

I like to think that I am an opened minded mother. But, when my seven year old looks at me and says, "Mom, can I tell you something?" my insides always clench up. This time he informed me that he has a girlfriend and that they are dating. I tried to remain calm and ask him lot's of questions. Most of his answers were infantile. Which made me feel somewhat better. I explained to him that I was suppose to be his girlfriend. He didn't buy it. And, I really thought that it would be a passing phase. But the fact remains that he continues to talk about how cute so and so is and he told me yesterday that he googled "how to kiss." He has even gone to the paint program on his computer and made a little drawing of hearts and their initials and saved it as his background on his homepage. At least he didn't put TLA. So, now every time he turns his computer on I have to be reminded that I am no longer the only woman in his life.

Okay, this madness must STOP! After all he is my baby.


April said...

Better watch your jewelry. A boy in Hailey's class stole his mom's wedding ring, took it to school & gave it to her. I've been told since that happens often with little boys. HA!

Nathan's Uncle said...

Bubby initiated the very same conversation with me when we went shopping for Kung Fu Panda last Sunday. I informed him that his sugar was only for Uncle Howie, DeeDee & Granddaddy, and other family members.