Thursday, November 20, 2008

Morning Rituals

I love when Nathan comes up with "rituals" that he insists I be a part of. Every morning when he goes to school he has his own method of saying goodbye. It is similar to what a baseball coach does when he is signaling to one of his players. He blows a kiss, gives a thumbs up, gives the "I love you" sign and has to wink with both eyes. The kicker is that Todd and I are expected to participate and do the exact signs back to him. If I drop him off in the car, I usually have my sunglasses on and he can't see when I wink back at him. He gets aggravated and mutters a disgusted, "Mom," and I have to lift my sunglasses so he can see that I am actively participating in the ritual.

The below video will give you an idea of the ritual. Unfortunately, because he knew I was taping he doesn't exhibit near as much enthusiasm as he usually shows.

And like most things, now that he is seven, and all grown up, he doesn't think its important to continue the ritual. I try to be grown up about it, too. But, it's hard.

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