Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Do I Know About Baseball?

Not much. But, I guess I better learn. As of Saturday, Nathan is signed up and tryouts begin next Friday and continue on Saturday. So, his Daddy bought him a glove and a baseball. We have been working with him on the rules of the game and I'm not convinced he is grasping them. He can throw the ball well (unless aiming counts) and he can hit most of the balls that are pitched to him but that catching thing....well, let's just say he needs a little bit more practice. Is catching really that important in baseball?

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April said...

I actually can't wait for baseball to start, even though I hate sports, baseball is the one that my son loves and does well at, so I look forward to watching him catch and hit.

Now, the three column blog. I googled how to make a three column blogger and there is a lot of advice. In the end I had to tweak a lot of numbers and copy and paste code. It looks like if you went to the cute blogs link you could easily change yours. Also, make sure you are reading the right design. I use Minima in blogger, which is very easy to manipulate and I am all about easy. Good luck, this HTML stuff is still very foreign to me.