Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally...Another "Mommy Moment."

I can't remember the last time I've had a mommy moment. After all, Nathan thinks that being sweet to his mom is so babyish. But, when I least expected it, he delivered.

Yesterday he re-discovered his ipod and asked his daddy to charge it for him. I say re-discovered because he's had it for several years but he hasn't really used it that much. Anyway, he listened to it while we rode to church and back last night. When we got home he went to his room and Todd and I were in the living room with the football game on. In a few minutes, Nathan came in and walked over to me and asked if he could sit on my lap that he wanted to snuggle with me. What??????? Was I hearing correctly? Sure enough. I put my laptop down and he put his pillow on my lap and plopped down. He weighs 84 pounds now and is almost as tall as I am. As Uncle Howie says, he is a hoss. After he got his nest fixed, he looked up at me and asked me if I wanted to listen to his music with him. Absolutely, I did. So, he gave me one of the ear buds and we listened/sang to some of the Polar Express soundtrack, some of one of his old Christmas program soundtracks, Rascal Flatts' Life Is A Highway, I'll Always Come Back, and the Siamese Cat song from Walt Disney's Lady and the Tramp. After the cat song he wanted to have movie night and watch Lady and the Tramp. And even though it was 11:42 PM we watched the movie. When the movie was over, I realized that my legs would never work properly again because I had 84lbs on them for about two hours. Such a small price to pay for a mommy moment.

Taken with Todd's camera phone thus the poor quality.


Anonymous said...

Nathan certainly is growing up and all of us are having to make changes as he grows and matures. Dee Dee and Grandaddy are having to make some unpleasant changes as well. He has recently missed to good opportunities to spend the night with us. We understand that there are more interesting things to do at home, but we still miss him and would gladly suffer with some numb legs if he were with us and wanted to sit in our lap. We enjoyed his baby years and he brought so much pleasure to us, but we must let him grow and that means less time with the old people. We still love him and want him to grow and mature, even though it means he will spend less time with us.


DeeDah said...

Our babies are all growing up too quickly! I still am amazed that at 13 the first thing Kelsey does every morning when she gets up is slugs her way to me so I can hug her, kiss her and tell her I love her. Then her day begins. I hope she never wants to stop.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carla,Just found this blog. It is way cool. I had no idea. Glad you could enjoy a mommy moment with Nathan. True that,he is a growin!!! Enjoyed your winter moments of ice!!!. Surely you turned up the temp last nite!!!See youins at church. Lulu