Saturday, November 3, 2007

Golden Anniversary In Jamaica

Fifty years ago today, Uncle Earl walked my mama down the aisle and gave her away to the blind wonder. They tell me there wasn't a dry eye in the sanctuary. They have traveled all over North and South America and have left everyone that has watched them in awe. They have proved the doubters wrong and both of them are my heroes.

Mama has often been teased that she didn't look as happy in their wedding pictures as Daddy did, but to her defense she had a fever blister that day which made smiling painful. Many in our family are prone to getting fever blisters and they always seem to pop up just in time for special occasions. Howard, my brother, of course has never had one in his life. I think I have had his share and unfortunately I have passed that viral gene down to my son.

Everyone who knows Roland and Evelyn knows that they don't like attention drawn to themselves. Back in December, Howard and I along with the staff of IBMM where Mama and Daddy have worked for the last several years gave them a retirement party. It was just about more than Mama could take. So, they decided with their fiftieth wedding anniversary approaching they better get out of Dodge before someone gives them another party.
I am so glad they decided to come see us. What better place than Jamaica to celebrate any anniversary? There won't be a big party but they both have assured us that they are exactly where they want to be, doing exactly what they want to be doing. After all, what could be better than playing Go Fish with their one and only grandson?

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