Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Todd!

Today is Todd's 44th birthday. Last night our internet connection went down which means that our american phone line goes down, too. I began to pray as I always do when it goes down because I wanted Todd to be able to get all of his birthday wishes from friends and family today. When we woke up this morning, it was still out. Todd proceded to call Cable and Wireless and jumped through all their hoops and within the hour they had it up and running again. Todd is a wonderful father and a very patient husband. Here are a few of the pictures I have taken of him since we have been here in Jamaica.
Doing what he loves the most!

Todd and his brother, Tripp, love Mr. Bean. This is his impression of Mr. Bean.

Todd and Nathan at Doctor's Cave beach. Aren't they cute?

Nathan's first day of school at Montego Bay Christian Academy.

Playing pool at Montego Bay Yacht Club.

Happy Birthday Todd!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Todd!!!I'm so glad I got you on the landline earlier. I always love the the pictures-and oh yeah-that beach has my name on it-or at least a wide section of the sand! Carla scolded me earlier for not leaving comments-so here's to ya! 2 comments in less than thirty minutes-pray for those of us that are-you know-computer slow!!!!!!! Big hugs and kisses-Happy Birthday!!!!!! dp

DeeDah said...

Happy Birthday, Toddy! The girls and I fully intended to call you, but after a very, very LONG day filled with Bible study, early school pick-ups, photo shoot in Lutz followed by dinner with the in-laws (and leaving the girls for the night), I realized we had failed to call. Sorry! Oh, well - know that we love you and hope your day was a special one!

Nathan's Uncle said...

Happy Birthday, Bro-in-Law!

I remember when you used to celebrate your birthday all week. I think I liked the Texas Cattle Company night with the all-you-can-eat sirloin the best.

Love the pictures, Sister! You're doing such a great job with your blog. The beach shot is especially nice. Isn't the beach called Doctor's Cove?

Love you, HB

April said...

Toddy, Makes me miss ya! Happy Birthday! I'm glad you were born, love you so much & ready for Christmas! XOXO

Nathansma said...

No, it's Doctor's Cave Bathing Club. Don't know where the name came from.