Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Jamaican Tooth Fairy

The Jamaican tooth fairy came to visit us last night. Nathan has had a lose tooth for quite some time now, but he wouldn't let me get close to it. After supper last night he had had enough of it though. So, he asked me to pull it. Sorry the pictures aren't too clear but at least you can get an idea of which tooth it was.

It finally came out after the third yank. It bled quite a bit but he was a big boy and didn't cry.

I asked him before he went to bed if he wanted the tooth fairy to bring him American or Jamaican money. He said that he didn't care. So...he got both!


Nathan's Uncle said...

I am so proud of my sweet boy! I remember how I hated pulling teeth, and I was the biggest baby about it. I never let Big Granny get ahold of me with her pullicans. I think Nathan has a more generous tooth fairy than I did. I always got a dime or a quarter. I love that second picture. Isn't my nephew the cutest boy ever? Bubby, Uncle Howie will take you to spend your money when you come home for Christmas. I love you the MOST!

Nathansma said...

Uncle Howie, remember when you had one pulled a couple of years ago and you got upset because you felt like you lost a part of you...?

April said...

Yepers, I remember that too!!

Sherry said...

Wow! Where was that tooth fairy when I was growing up? I am with you Howie...a dime or maybe a quarter. Way to go Nathan!

Nathan's Uncle said...

Yes, I remember when the dentist broke my tooth and they told me I was lucky the surgeon was there that day so he could pull it. As IF! The pulling didn't hurt, but I went to my car and squalled in the parking lot because I had lost a part of myself.

I'm still ticked about it!

Bad word, bad word!