Thursday, November 8, 2007

Where, Oh Where Is Tripp?

My brother-in-law, Tripp, has been a master hairstylist for as long as I can remember. He is the only one that has cut my hair for the last fifteen years. When my hair was down my back, he cut it off. He gave my son, Nathan, his first haircut and of course he has always cut Todd's hair. I sure wish he were here...

About four weeks ago, Todd started in about me giving him and Nathan a haircut. I thought he was kidding but he wasn't. I went online, watched a few hair cutting technique videos and got my confidence up. I announced to Nathan that I was going to give him a haircut. To my surprise he was very willing. Out came the kitchen scissors (that was a mistake) but they were the only scissors we had. Then I got a chair and when he sat in it he was too low. So, I got out a pot. Much better.

His hair was so long that I had to use clips to hold up the top part. He wasn't too keen on that but I think I promised him something and he was fine. That, and I let him watch TV.

Todd was next. He was scared but he couldn't take the hair on his ears and his neck was beginning to look a little "ape-ish." He kept telling me to just trim it so I did...three times. I would trim, he would go look in the mirror and come back for me to trim more. All in all, both turned out pretty good. But, believe me, there is always room for improvement.

There are places to get haircuts here but you know how it is when you have to go to someone new. And since we are on the mission field...aren't haircuts part of what missionary wives do?

Todd has assured me that he has watched Tripp enough that he would have no problem cutting my hair. I'm just not that desperate yet. We are going home for Christmas and I can't wait to get in Tripp's chair at Studio Tripp!


DeeDah said...

You're a brave soul! Of course, if you had really messed it up, you could have just done an Uncle Corbin hair cut - you know how well that worked for ALL the boys in our family!

Nathan's Uncle said...

I saw Bubby's hair in person, and you did a great job, Sister!

Sherry said...

Oh my...I would have been scared to death to do that! I cut Josh's hair once...never again! I am with you on the waiting until you get home to let Tripp cut yours. You need to post the after picture of Nathan so we can see how it turned out. (Maybe invest in some proper cutting tools for the next visit to Tood and Nathan's hair)