Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Buccaneer Rum Cake

In talking with family members, I have found that one either loves rum flavoring or one doesn't like it at all. There have been no in between. I remember my mother making rum balls for holidays. They were always okay for me but not one of my favorites. But, this rum cake is quickly climbing my "favorites" list.

One day I was shopping in Mega Mart, and I picked up a single serving box and read it. What convinced me to it was that it said, "A rich buttery rum cake..." I am like Paula Deen. I love butter. The fact that it was a rum cake was just a bonus. When I got it home and tasted it...well the rest is history. It was a true winner. I couldn't keep Todd out of it.
So, the next time I went to Mega Mart, I bought the big box. It only lasted a couple of days. Even Bubby liked it. Then he changed his mind and said that he didn't like it because it wasn't as good as his Dee Dee's pound cake. Well, that's a big "duh!" Nothing store bought could compare to a homemade cream cheese pound cake.
Jamaica is most famous for the Tortuga brand rum cakes. And, I must admit that I have never tasted the Tortugas. But, Todd has and he says that they aren't near as good as this one.
I don't like the packaging because once you cut the plastic off of the cake there is no way to re-seal it. You know like a handy zipper. I guess they know that you will probably eat the whole thing in one sitting anyway so why provide a way to re-seal it.
Look at the top of the cake. It is really that moist. As far as the flavor goes... it really isn't that "rummy." It's more "buttery." But every now and then you do get a slight taste of rum.

I brought one home for Daddy to try because the rum balls that my mama use to make were one of his favorites. He and my brother liked it.
This is what my plate looked like after I ate my piece with a very cold glass of milk. Just for the record, it's good with a cup of coffee, too.
Okay, really this is what it looked like.
Buccaneer, also makes a rum fruit cake. I haven't tasted it yet because I'm not a big fan of fruit cake. When we left the airport we went into one of the duty free shops and they were selling the fruit cake for a mere $40.00 US. At that price I won't be tasting it any time soon.

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