Saturday, August 23, 2008

Can Your Children Make You Laugh?

Most of the time my son gets on my nerves or as he would say I get on his because I tell him what he can and can't do. But twice this week he has made me laugh out loud.

Bubby is famous for changing his mind. For a week he will drink sweet tea for meals. Then all of a sudden, he says he doesn't like tea anymore. Or he may eat broccoli for months and then all of a sudden he doesn't like broccoli. And when we ask him why, he can't give us a good reason. We often tease him that his likes and dislikes depend on the day of the week and what the weather is doing. For instance he may not like broccoli because it's Sunday and the wind is blowing. Needless to say his continuous changes make me very frustrated.

Yesterday we went to Studio Tripp to get our hair cut before we go back to Jamaica on Tuesday. Nathan had dosed off in the car on the way so I had to wake him when we arrived. Uncle Tripp wasn't quite ready for us so I sat down in one of the chairs in the waiting area. Nathan came over to me and started climbing in my lap. "What are you doing?" I said.

" I want to sit in your lap," he replied.

"Why? You never want to sit in my lap."

He looked up at me and promptly stated, "Mom, because it's Friday and it's raining." That was good enough for me and I laughed out loud as I hugged him tightly.


Today was one of those days that I sacrificed what I wanted to do and did what was fun for Nathan. He got to spend the whole day playing with his cousin Jacob. Around five o'clock this afternoon I picked him up and he had to go with me to get a pedicure. It was closing time and I was one of their last customers so he got to sit in the big pedicure chair beside me. He sat quietly playing his DS while the girl worked on my feet. When we finished I took him to the Dollar Tree and he picked out a bag of cotton candy.

While we were driving home, I was talking on the phone to my friend Lynn and she was asking me about Angel Ruth. As I was answering her questions my voice began to crack and before I knew it tears were flowing down my cheeks. Nathan, who I thought was engrossed in catching a Pikachu said, " Are you crying?"


"Why are you crying?" he asked.

"I was just talking about Angel Ruth," I said.

After a pause, he asked, " Is that something I need to get involved in?"

Instantly the tears stopped and laughter filled the cab of the little red S-10 pick-up my Uncle Olan has so graciously let us borrow while we have been home. I assured him it wasn't anything he needed to get involved in. I'm just thankful he remembers who she is.

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Nathan's Uncle said...

Bubby already is keeping you on your toes at age 7, Sister. I can't wait to see what he's saying when is 13. The boy who invented "talky-mouth" is something else!