Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Grill And A Generator!

They sure do make surviving a tropical storm more bearable. We are able to have coffee in the mornings and meals during the day.
I was very concerned when the generator wouldn't crank with the battery thingy that came with it. The man we got it from assured us that it would crank it. It didn't. However, I remained calm.

Todd went out and got the battery out of the car. Connected the wires using the clips on the battery thingy and it cranked right up. I was able to smile again.
Purring like a kitten. Okay...maybe purring isn't the right word. Because really it sounds like a jackhammer. We have been able to run the refrigerator, charge all of Nathan's electronics (DS, DVD player), the computer and internet (Whoo Hoo!) and at the moment Nathan is even playing his Wii. Now, if I only had a camp shower. Because I am really not looking forward to the spit bath I am about to have to take. But, I will be able to dry my hair because we have a generator.

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