Monday, August 11, 2008

Cruz Anthony Monjure

I love newborns. They are just so sweet and soft and they smell sooooo good. Cruz is no exception. Every time I go visit him, I have to pry him out of his mother's arms. I don't know what she is thinking. Doesn't she know she had him for me?

Much to April's relief, Dr. Davis decided to induce. She and John arrived around 6:30 AM. They got checked in and the kind nurse started the pitocin. John chronicled every move with the video camera. April's mom and dad, Layne (Grandaddy) and Sharon (Nana), came down for Cruz's grand entrance. They live in Tallahassee. John and April have four older daughters, so we were all making security crazy "taking turns" going into the delivery room.

I think John was excited the most. Of course he had it a little easier than April did. True to her style though, she was a trooper.
Aunt Sharon was front and center when the pushing began. I stayed off to the side waiting for her report on what color hair he had. After about thirty minutes of pushing...I saw God. The miracle of childbirth is still amazing.
"Hello world!"

Look at those beautiful lips.

Dr. Davis, John, Cruz and April.

Mom and Dad with Cruz.

Nana's first inspection.

"I love you, Cruz," was all big sister Hailey could say.

Big sisters Jillian, Hailey, Olivia, Layna and Cruz.

My first time holding Cruz.

Nana and Cruz.

Leaving L&D, going up to room 232.

Dad and Cruz.

Bubby holding Cruz.

Going home.

Waiting for the elevator.

Dad and Cruz again!

The mob waiting at home.

Can't keep our hands off him.


Nathan's Uncle said...

Welcome to our world, Baby Cruz. May you find all the love and peace you deserve. Uncle Howie loves you!

Congratulations April and John! You done good.

Amazing first-person pictures, sister! Glad I wasn't in the delivery room, or I would have been passed out on the floor speaking in tongues!

April said...

thanks for the cute post. he is a precious head!! Instant love...amazing, Cruz's Mommy

Todd said...

Congratulations John and April! He is beautiful.

SueSue Williamson said...

Great Blog! As I told my sister...watching someone give birth is the most beautiful and the yuckiest thing I have ever seen!

It was great seeing Nathan at Tomlin! It is hard to put up with Howie the week after ya'll leave!