Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Visit to Studio Tripp

While we were home we made our quarterly visit to see Uncle Tripp. Uncle Tripp owns a hair salon called Studio Tripp. Since we have come Jamaica, Uncle Tripp has been very gracious to work us into his schedule when we are able to make it home.

Nathan has always been good about getting his hair cut. He would rather not get it cut like most boys but he listens to his mama and suffers through it.

I got my hair cut as well. I love to get in Uncle Tripp's chair and let him work his magic. It's time for Todd to get another cut too and that task will fall to me. Uncle Tripp showed me how and although mine doesn't turn out as good as his does it comes out good enough. When I was sitting in Uncle Tripp's chair he told me that maybe he could come in July to visit and he would bring his scissors with him. I hope I can hold him to it!

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