Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getting In The Last Word

My brother, Howie and I, use to always see who could get in the last word. My son inherited that from one or both of us.

Todd and I alternate taking Nathan to school in the mornings. It was Todd's turn to take Nathan and I kissed them goodbye and quickly went to my bathroom in the back of the house because I had to go. I had just sat down and here Nathan comes busting in the room.

"Mom, I want you to take me to school this morning," he said.

"No, I will come and pick you up this afternoon. Now go." I wanted to "go" myself, in peace, and without an audience if you know what I mean.

As he reluctantly left, I hollered, "I love you!"

He hollered back, "I double love you!"

"I triple love you," I yelled.

And before he slammed the bedroom door letting me know that he was getting the last word in, he hollered, "I fourple love you."

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Nathan's Uncle said...

Cute! I told my class this anecdote.

Uncle Howie