Friday, April 18, 2008

Star Apples

We have a handful of people that attend our church that live up the mountain in a small community called Nigger Ground. Todd went for a visit the other day and one of the ladies gave him a star apple. She showed him how to eat it and sent one home to Nathan and me. The star apple is nothing like the jack fruit I wrote about awhile back. Although, not as unique as the jack fruit it is like none I have ever seen before.

The outside skin is smooth and a dark purple. If you cut it cross ways, the inside resembles a star. However, it isn't at all like a Granny Smith or Fuji apple.

Todd didn't cut it crossways, he just torn it down the middle so, we didn't get to experience the "star." The pulp close to the outside skin is a deep purple. The lady that gave it to him told him not to eat the purple pulp because it will "bind you up." And we sure don't won't to get bound up around here!

The inside consists of big black seeds covered in a white membrane. The membrane covering the seeds is the part you eat.

Nathan was all about tasting the star apple his daddy had brought home. That is unusual for him because although he is a very healthy eater he isn't big on tasting things that are new to his palate.

Todd told him to take a big bite, but to be careful with the big black seeds. As far as the taste goes...well, I can't say that it resembles anything that I am familiar with. It's sweet and tasty but not something I would spend money on.

Bite #1.

Bite #2.
And, let me end this post by saying, "It sure is nice to have our internet back on."

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Amy said...

thanks for the info on the Star Apple. We bought one today at the market (Naga Philippines) but didn't have a clue what it was or how to eat it. We're all about trying new things on this trip...this will be a first!