Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Quick Trip to Christiana

Friday we took a road trip to Christiana, Jamaica. We went to meet with all the missionaries on the island to say goodbye to Tom and Brenda Lantz. They are the missionaries we work with here in MoBay and Brenda must have foot surgery, so they are leaving the island on Wednesday. Tom will return periodically to help us host missions teams.

The first hour of the drive was much like a road trip in the states but that quickly changed when we turned south and headed up the mountain. Then the road looked a lot like this:

except the road was sort of paved. Todd did a good job maneuvering the "long and winding road" and he managed to make the trip without hitting a dog, goat, or donkey. They dotted the road more than the potholes did. Along the way we passed through several wide spots in the road that were called towns. The people stared at us wondering why these white faces were interrupting their daily lives.

When we finally reached Christiana and drove through the town, Todd had to watch not to hit people more than he did watch for other cars. I don't believe I have ever seen so many people in the streets. As we were creeping along, an elderly lady darted out in front of us with a younger man in tow. He was apparently trying to grab something she had. She turned on him and swung her half gallon jug of water at him. He ducked just in time not letting the blow land on his head. We continued driving and separated the two. I think he may have left her alone after he saw that she wasn't going be an easy target.

Nathan enjoyed climbing the tree in the Livingstons front yard. Todd and I took turns with him outside because he couldn't get any of the other MKs to play with him. They live up at the children's home and don't have cable so they wanted to stay in and do something that they don't get to do which is watch the cartoon network.

It made for a long day and I was happy to see the lights of Montego Bay after the long drive back.


Nathan's Uncle said...

Where's the picture of Bubby climbing a tree?

Nathansma said...

I knew that was coming!