Sunday, April 13, 2008

"You Are As Blind As Your Granddaddy!" what I tell Nathan when I send him to find something and he comes back and says, "I can't find it." So, I go to find the object and it's right there in plain view. I was the same way though because I remember my mama telling me, "If it were a snake it would bite you." But Nathan is worse than I ever was. Every time I send him to get something, I know that I am going to have to go get it myself.

When we were home for Easter, I got pictures to show just how "blind" he is. When we went to Grammy and Pappy's to hunt Easter eggs I hid one of Nathans eggs a little lower than eye level on the side of the fifth wheel. I don't know how many times he ran past it, looking right at it and never seeing it.

It's an orange Easter egg, not a running light!

Then one day when we were at Mama and Daddy's, Uncle Howie hid the eggs for Nathan to find and I told Howie about the incident at Grammy and Pappy's and that he needed to remember where he hid them because Nathan would never find them all. I was in the house and he came and got me laughing and told me to get the camera that Nathan couldn't find an egg that was in plain sight.

There it is in the tree.

He couldn't find it. Uncle Howie started doing "hot" and "cold" with him. When he would get close to it he would say, "You're getting hot." When he would move away from it he would say, "You're getting cold."

"You're looking right at it."

He even posed for the picture with his egg!

"You're getting colder."

He still doesn't see it.

"You passed it."

"Look in the tree."

"I found it!"

He did finally find it but it took him a very long time and way too may hints and clues. We really had fun laughing at him and he didn't even get mad at us and run and tell his DeeDee.

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Nathan's Uncle said...

If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have believed it. My nephew is truly blind as his grandaddy.

Uncle Howie