Thursday, April 3, 2008

Picture Day at Tomlin Middle School

Every year since Nathan's birth, I have taken Nathan to his Uncle Howie's school so they can get their picture made together. I think we may have missed a time or two when Nathan was in school himself. This year we barely made it. Picture day was Friday morning before we left to come back to Jamaica. Nathan has been some kind of icon since his birth at Tomlin. Primarily because his Uncle Howie's classroom walls are wallpapered in pictures of Nathan and he always talks about his wonderful nephew. Also, the assistant principal, Susan Sullivan, was one of Nathans swim teachers. Everytime I take Nathan to Tomlin and we pass students in the hallway, I always here one of them say, "There's Nathan." This particular morning was no exception. We met Uncle Howie in his room and walked over to the gym where the pictures were being taken. As we approached the court yard I heard several students say it again, "There's Nathan."

Walking to the gym.

Their special handhold.

On the way to the gym Nathan held Uncle Howie's hand. They have a special handhold that only they can use. The photographers weren't set up yet so we had to wait about thirty minutes until they were ready. Thank goodness Mrs. Gunn covered Uncle Howie's class until we made it back. Nathan got a little impatient but the trusty DS kept him busy.

It was nice to get a chance to visit with all of the teachers that my brother teaches with, especially Patti Hanks, who I use to work with at Lakeland Senior, and Susan Stephens. Susan is one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Susan Stephens and me, with a fresh haircut.

I was worried that the background was the same color as Nathan's shirt, but when we left we had to pick which background we wanted. School pictures have come a long way. Everything is digital and you can pick your background and the photographer can look at the picture and tell if it needs to be redone. I know that cuts down on picture retakes.

The photographer got out of my way.

Below are all the school pictures that I have of these two. I am not sure of all the dates but at least they are in chronological order. I know one thing, Uncle Howie has more pictures with my son than I do. Professionally taken pictures that is anyway.

2001 - 2002

Cute little sweater vest.

I hate when they make you cock your head!

Nathan at age four.

I don't know if Montego Bay Christian Academy has school pictures or not. They have most everything else our American schools have, so hopefully they will offer school pictures, too. After all, I need a school picture of my handsome man in his school uniform.


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Nathan's Uncle said...

Thanks, Sister, for that sweet post. I love the picture of Bubby and me walking across campus. The school pictures leave a lot to be desired. They don't flatter me at all, but at least they're cute of Sugarman. Of course it's hard for him to not be cute.

Uncle Howie