Tuesday, April 29, 2008

MBCA's Sports Day

When I was growing up in Paraguay we use to have sports day, too. Only we didn't divide the school into four teams like Nathan's school does. We divided into two teams. The boys and the girls. The boys didn't compete against the girls we competed among ourselves. I liked it that way because I won a lot of the events. I could do the most sit ups, shoot the most free throws and jump the farthest both in the running and standing long jump. I can remember the P.E. teacher telling me to go last in the sit ups because it would save time. All the other girls would see how many they could do and then I would just do one more and win. Made sense to me.

MBCA held their sports day at CCCD, where they had their community outreach last year, because their facility is much larger than ours. The only problem was that the open field had no shade and it was the hottest day of the year so far.

When we arrived they had the football field line out like a track and four tents set up in the middle to "house" the four teams. It was a beautiful place to hold a day full of competitions. Nathan is in the Destiny house (team) and their team is the green tent on the far left.

Nathan right in the middle of the tent.

Destiny house banner.

Each house was judged on their banners, a cheer and a song. When their team was called they had to march in front of the judges and perform.

After all the teams performed for the judges they all went back to their tents to prepare for the various competitions.

Here, Nathan is waiting in line for his turn for the foot race. I was very thankful for the man that held the umbrella for the kids because it was blazing hot out there.

"On your mark, get set, GO!"

Frozen juice bags were provided to help keep the kids cool and hydrated.

Then there were the dogs. These two dogs followed Todd and me around the whole day. They weren't obnoxious just in the way. I couldn't tell if they liked the shade my chair and umbrella provided of if their former owners were white.

Nathan, taking after his Granddaddy, took advantage of the oranges that were provided for the kids as well. He ate three that I know of.

He told me that he loved them and that they were so good. I said then why don't you want me to buy any for you eat at home. He said because you don't cut them this way. Sometimes he really puzzles me.

Nathan was in the Spoon Water (Wata) Race. They had a bucket of water and they had to scoop a big spoonful of water up and very carefully carry it down the lane to a cup that was waiting, pour the water in it, and then run back and hand the spoon off to the next teammate. Destiny won the race.

I got tickled at the judges all trying huddle under this dinky little umbrella. Everybody was hunting for any little piece of shade that could be found.

It was a great day for the kids. We are thankful for any kind of activity that allows Nathan to run around. We got the bad news this morning that his football coach broke his ankle so, there will be no football this week.


DeeDah said...

You're a better mother than I am. Emily's field day is Thursday - I did NOT volunteer. Fortunately, after this year I won't be asked anymore. They don't want parents to volunteer at middle school functions. Praise Jesus, I love middle school.

Nathan's Uncle said...

You should have taken the two dogs home with you. They were probably angels in disguise.