Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sport's Day Awards

Friday, I went to Nathan's school for the awards ceremony for Sports Day. It was to start at 8:30. I dropped Nathan off at 8:00 as we always do and then parked the car across the streeet and waited. I knew there wasn't any need to go up early because nothing ever starts on time here. But, of course to my surprise, it was the most organized activity I have been to and they must have started early because when I walked up the hill at 8:30 they had already announced the winner of the Spoon Wata Relay. Since it was a relay, instead of having all the kids come up front to get their ribbon, they had the older kids pass them out. If you remember from the previous post, Nathan's team came in first in the relay. So, he already had his blue ribbon.

He proudly held it up for me to see when I got there.

He was sitting between Jaleel and Renee. They were well behaved, only talking to each other when they thought they could get away with it. I think Renee is sweet on my boy, because she kept her arm around him for most of the ceremony.

At one point she laid her head on his shoulder and patted him on his head. He didn't even seem to mind either. I asked him about it later and he said he laid his head on her shoulder too and that it was squishy. Renee is a healthy child.

Jaleel and Nathan showed off their ribbons afterwards. Jaleel was in the Centipede race and they came in second.
"Look, how cute!"


Nathan's Uncle said...

Who is that snaggletoothed blue ribbon cutie pie?

Uncle Howie

Hannah said...

Hi "Nathans Ma" this is hannah and i am one of mr.blounts students and i was just searchin the web and i found it.