Thursday, May 8, 2008

Impromptu Puppet Skit

We have a missions team here this week and they are be doing puppet skits in some of the schools. We have a puppet stage that was given to us and Saturday, Todd and Nathan, drug it out and figured out how to put it together. I thought it would be this little, dinky, flimsy, pitiful thing. Was that enough adjectives for you? After they called me to come help them figure it out (which I was absolutely no help) it turned out to be the Taj Mahal of puppet stages.

You can imagine what happened next. Todd and Nathan had to try it out with the pitiful puppets that were given to us, as well. Nathan really got into it. He has never been one to get real excited about anything. Well, unless it's a new Power Rangers DS game. But, you know he doesn't like to sing, dance or take part in any of the arts. So, when he grabbed two puppets and wanted to do his own puppet show for Todd and me, we quickly got the camera and started taping. His skit is about an owner who has lost his dog. I interacted with him to keep him going while Todd got tickled.

DISCLOSURE: At one point during the taping Todd completely lost his mind and casually moved the camera my direction. Since, I was still in my pajamas, with bedhead, I quickly waved him off. But to my complete and utter embarrassment, you will still see a glimpse of ugly.


April said...

That is SOO funny! Move over Joby & Crysti!!!!...I have found a place way down inside, where we all can run away and hide...hmmmmmmhmmmmm

Nathan's Uncle said...

That is SO cute! Bubby definitely did NOT know Todd was taping that.

Uncle Howie

DeeDah said...

Okay, I'm laughing so hard I almost wet myself! That was precious! I've got to show Emmy in the morning - she'll be proud of his creativity! The pooping part was the BEST.

crysti said...

ohmygoodness! so funny. is it an MK requirement to force parents to watch our budding gifts in the fine arts?? ha! brought back memories. he didn't charge admission, did he? YOU GO NATHAN! i'm proud of you! xo